Download 2017/18 Fall Registration Form

School Policies – All final decisions will be at the Director’s Discretion.

  • AIM season runs September through June.
  • Do NOT drop off more than 10 minutes early.
  • Make-up classes due to illness or inclement weather available.  Holiday closures do not warranty make-up classes.
  • Appropriate conduct expected.  NO refunds due to expulsion.
  • Those not participating in Spring Performance must inform Studio before 12/1 or account will pay full costume charge.
  • Studio-run thru & dress rehearsal – mandatory to participate in Spring Performance.
  • Spring Performance Tickets – NON REFUNDABLE
  • Student absent from Studio Run-Thru is charged $25 for dress rehearsal ticket.
  • Student absent from Dress Rehearsal will NOT PERFORM IN SPRING PERFORMANCE.

    All parents and students must be familiar with all Spring Performance Policies.

Payment Options
Payments can be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover

Fees/Refunds – (Excluding Bollywood Classes) All final decisions will be at the Director’s Discretion.

  • Annual $20.00 Insurance fee due for each student. NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Insurance & Class payment due prior to trial classes.
  • $15.00 late fee applied to ANY monthly payment made after the 15th.  No Exceptions.
  • $25.00 service charge AND bank fees on returned checks.
  • May and June tuition billed together due before May 15, 2018.
  • Withdrawal Fee – 2 month’s tuition. If student in payment option #1 (Full Year) withdraws enrollment.
  • $40.00 costume deposit per class – due December 15, 2017.  Costumes WILL NOT be ordered without deposit.  Additional fees apply if costumes ordered after January 1st.  Balance due March 15, 2018.  NON REFUNDABLE
  • Costumes will not be distributed to delinquent accounts.  Costumes – not returnable/non-refundable.  $20.00 exchange fee.

Spring Performance Tickets

Purchasing spring performance tickets for another AIM account prohibited. Tickets for ALL accounts involved are frozen.  $100.00 fee per account assessed.  No entrance to auditorium permitted until fee is paid.

Tickets will not be sold to delinquent accounts. Tickets – NON REFUNDABLE.


I waive any and all liability against Arts In Motion Academy, LLC. on my behalf and my child/children for all injury, illness, fatal or otherwise and loss of property while participating in any activity on or off Arts In Motion Academy’s LLC. premises. Arts in Motion, LLC. will not be held responsible for any injury, illness or accident.  I authorize Arts In Motion Academy to seek any necessary medical attention for my child. I give my permission for my child to be photographed/ videotaped for appropriate media and studio promoting purposes. I accept all AIM Academy terms and take full responsibility for all charges and payments. I understand and will pay in full the amount charged to my account for services rendered.  I accept and will pay all late fees applied to my account.   I fully understand and accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement.